Improving Hair Health: Wen’s Abilities

Rejuvinated Hair

In an article found on, a young woman took on an experiment with a popular Hair care product called the Wen hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean ( On a mission to figure out its abilities to improve hair health, she wanted to share it with skeptical readers to advise them about its worth. The Wen cleansing conditioner was created by Chaz Dean, who is also a Hollywood hairstylist, popular among celebrities. He designed this cleansing conditioner with the intentions of decreasing styling time by taking away steps. It’s a shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment all-in-one, thus allowing you to by only one product instead of three.
The young woman conducting the experiment came to find that Wen products do, indeed, improve the quality of your hair. With normally fine hair that can be hard to style, she found that by the end of the experiment, she was receiving many compliments about how shiny and great her hair looked. She then was able to notice, herself, all the wonderful things that improved about her hair. Her hair was soft, bouncy, shiny and just looked BETTER. You can see for yourself: Chaz Dean created quite a product here, and lucky for you, it comes on the sephora beauty market in all types of varieties designed for each hair type. This brand of Haircare is one that will help transform your hair, should you need a hair health boost!


Soros Makes a Bet that Gold is More Stable than Stocks

Business Experts

George Soros has built his fortune by successfully reading the financial markets more times than not. As of right now, he isn’t seeing good things for global stock markets. Gold, however, is increasingly drawing his attention.

In a Bloomberg article, Soros was shown to have dialed back on U.S. stocks by some 37 percent within the opening quarter of 2016. He also bought into SPDR Gold Trust, the tracker of the gold bullion, for 1.05 million shares. His fund also added shares in Barrick Gold Corp., the world’s largest metal
Read more: Billionaire Soros Cuts U.S. Stocks by 37%, Buys Gold Miner

George Soros became a billionaire through his market acumen over the years. The financial analyst in him still has concern over China and the nation’s debt-fueled economy showing similarities to the U.S. situation around 2007. Some analysts see China’s currency depreciating by some 25 percent. This could have serious ramifications on both the U.S. and global economy.

When there are concerns over bear stock markets, the prevailing thought is to invest in a more stable monetary value such as metals and gold. Soros also believes U.S. government bonds could receive a boost along the same vein as the possibly impending crisis could cause investors to seek steadier options such as bonds.

Soros’ former chief financial strategist Stan Druckenmiller is in agreement with such a prognosis. Gold jumped some 16 percent over the first three months of 2016. Barrick shares have doubled this year as it reduces debt and cuts costs.

The divestitures by Soros ran the gamut of industries ranging from airlines (Delta) to chemicals (Dow) to communications (Level 3). Putting some of his fortune back into gold is a common practice as his as he tends to view gold as a safe haven in dire financial times.

Born in Hungary, George Soros eventually built up his financial smarts made a fortune while starting up his own company Soros Fund Management. He is a supporter of American liberal view, yet is a firm believe in open-market economic policies especially in eastern Europe. Soros’ economic opinions still are highly regarded by many.

A philanthropist who has created the human-rights and democratic group Open Society Foundation, Soros came by his beliefs after fleeing his native Hungary to avoid Nazi occupation. He since graduated from the London School of Economics and worked as a stock analyst in New York. Source:

He has built his fortune by making shrewd short-term plays in a chaotic financial world. While he generally goes with most analytical trends, George Soros does like to get out in front of one in order to earn huge financial gains.

It seems he is doing so again in foreseeing issues in China and is already planning for just such a situation.

Getting Rid of Visceral Fat with the NutriMost Program

Healthy Life

A recent NYC Fatloss feature reveals that when a person thinks about being overweight, they usually think about how this affects their physical appearance and their self-esteem. Of course, when a person is at a healthy weight, they feel great about the way they look. What some people do not always consider is how being overweight can negatively affect their health. Many individuals who are overweight deal with problems like type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a fatty liver, and many other health problems. Many of these problems can be completely eliminated when a person loses weight. However, finding the right diet can sometimes be a challenge. NutriMost is relatively new diet program that is helping individuals lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. On average, people lose about 5 pounds of fat every week.
One of the reasons why NutriMost works and is gaining in popularity on facebook is because it is customized to fit each individual. Most diet programs out there do not take into consideration each individual’s personal needs and circumstances. This program is custom designed to help each individual.

The Nutrimost program has been able to help many individuals lose significant amounts of weight and to help them improve their health. Gene Sheller is one example of this. He had serious health problems before going on the program. He had to take medication for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other problems. After finishing the program, he lost more than 80 pounds and no longer needed medication for any health problems.

The NutriMost program is designed to target visceral fat. This is the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area. Not only is this fat unattractive, but more importantly it can cause serious health problems. The fat surrounds the internal organs and can seriously damage a person’s health.
NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

Helping People In Need Through Skout’s App



Latest Survey Results From Skout

One of my favorite things about using Skout’s online dating site and social media platform is that they actually care about what their community thinks. They often poll their users about all kinds of topics. They actually just released one of the survey results that they collected from a recent poll. The survey results were released on PR Newswire’s website in a full article that includes some really fun facts about Superheroes. The reason for this survey, of course, was to celebrate one of the most exciting holidays of all time: National Superhero Day.

This holiday is the perfect occasion to wear a cape. It is also the perfect chance to help people in need, which is exactly what Skout did. We will get to information about the charity that Skout set up in a moment. First, let’s go over some of the most exciting survey results from their latest poll of their users. According to the survey published on PR Newswire, around 75 percent of users on Skout agree that helping people in need is what makes someone a superhero in real life. Also, around 80 percent of people in the survey population would want to be a superhero in real life.

Superhero Themed Charity On Skout

April 28th was National Superhero Day, so Skout decided that they would give back to those in need in order to properly celebrate this holiday. Real life superheroes are people that care about the world’s problems. The charity that was set up through Skout’s app gave their users the chance to give to someone who needed a big favor, a member of the Make A Wish Foundation in the Bay Area. The charity would continue until the wish was completely funded, according to the PR Newswire article. It was an innovative idea to use the sales of gifts on Skout’s application in order to fund someone’s wish. People need a helping hand sometimes, so it is really refreshing to see that people in Skout’s community care about the well being of other people. We are hear to help each other out. Thanks to Skout, someone from the Make A Wish Foundation is seeing their dreams come true.

The original article that was published on PR Newswire’s website talks more about the survey that Skout conducted, and it discusses this charity more in detail.

Why Does George Soros Think The EU Is In Terrible Danger?

Financial Advisor

George Soros is not concerned about security because refugees are coming into Europe. He knows that these refugees are scared for their lives, and he feels for them as they leave their homelands because they would be killed otherwise. He has seen the news stories that show these poor people sitting on the shores of Greece waiting to move on, and he feels terribly for the people who have had their habitats moved in France.

Mr. George Soros is a brilliant investor who has a plan for Europe that will prevent the European Union from falling apart. He is afraid that strife over how to handle the refugees could cause the union to collapse, and he thinks that it could happen soon unless a decision is made.

He wants to see leaders step up to start paying their fair share to help the refugees who are in the most danger. Every one of these refugees on is going to be put in a position where they need to get to a place in Europe where they have family or they know that they can settle. These people have not necessarily been allowed to go to these places, and they have been forced to wait while the EU decides what to do.

The other side of the problem is countries saying they will leave the EU because of how it is being handled. These countries are afraid to start paying for refugees, but they need to understand that every refugee can help. George Soros has a family history that goes back to the holocaust, and he knows what it means when people are pushed out of their homes. The most important part of this process is helping to get people where they want to go.

Mr. Soros also believes that every country in the EU should pitch in a small amount of money to assist refugees. The money can be used by refugees on to get on their feet when they reach their destination, and they can begin to build new communities in Europe. Europe is already a melting pot, but he thinks that some countries will reject the plan because they do not want to feel like they are being infiltrated.

There are a few countries who have leaders that must be more vocal, and he believes that Angela Merkel could do a great job of leading the EU if she were to use her country’s history to speak on helping refugees. She is, in Mr. Soros’ eyes, the last hope for unified policy.

Mr. George Soros fears for the future of the EU because there is nothing close to a consensus on how to help refugees. Some countries do not want to help at all, and they are threatening to leave outright. The problem will continue to get worse the longer the EU waits to make a decision, and they will put thousands in jeopardy who are waiting for asylum. Mr. Soros wants to see these people given asylum, assistance and the helping hand they need.

SKOUT Helps End Hunger with SF-Marin Foodbank.


SKOUT, a meet and greet app company, and the SF-Marin Foodbank have once again teamed up to help fight hunger in the San Francisco/Marin area. There, one in every four people is at risk for hunger and these two huge, local companies hope to change that statistic, one meal at a time.

March 14,2016 was National Potato Chip Day. SKOUT and SF-Marin Foodbank partnered to used a mixture of technology and creativity to give out 20,000 meals on that day. SKOUT’s app features a virtual gifting capability. Throughout the day, SKOUT encouraged users to send virtual bags of potato chips to other members with the promise that for every virtual bag sent, a cash donation would be provided to the SF-Marin Foodbank until a goal of 20,000 meals had been reached and served. The SF-Marin Foodbank notes that “people are facing a rapidly shrinking margin between income and expenses.” Providing meals in the community where both of these companies are based means giving back at home, where an impact can be seen and felt. SKOUT not only encourages its members but even its workers to get involved in community support. The purpose of the SKOUT app is to make the world a more connected place, but the company recognizes that technology is not the only way of making the world happier and better, practical steps, like this one, must be taken as well.

SKOUT, was started in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom but was launched in 2009 as a dating app when the two recognized that 80% of the users they had at the time were using it in that capacity. It was first on computer and then released an iOS version in February of that same year. The android version came later, in August of 2010. April of 2012 marked the time at which SKOUT became a subsidiary of Andreessen Horowitz for a venture capital investment of $22 million. This helped the then small company to continue to grow and expand because a mere two years later, SKOUT acquired Nixter, a nightclub app, and incorporate their features into its own app.

Other features of the SKOUT app include virtual gift giving, as mentioned above and generalized and specific location features. The generalized location feature, if enabled, allows users to see the general location of others users in their city or area. The travel feature of the app can allow more specific locations, if a user desires, and can even connect users. Connects are made based on interests or even location.

Regulating Your Dog’s Diet With Beneful

Healthy Solution

Feeding Your Dog The Best Foods Out There

Variety and taste are two qualities of life that we try to emphasize with our actions, in my family. We try to show our kids how important it is to take care of our pets right as well. We do this by purchasing a brand of pet food that we can trust. This is why we only buy on Walmart Beneful for our dog, Scottie.

Beneful makes a lot of awesome products for dogs that look great, smell great and surely taste great as well. I have not tried them personally, but I have read that they have taste testers that work at premium dog food companies to help maintain a high quality in taste. Beneful makes Chopped Blends, for instance, that look like they could actually be served to a person. We buy Chopped Blends made with beef and barley for our dog. We usually feed it to him at night with his dry food.

We have tried a few different types of dry food with our dog, and we have had pretty good success with all of them. Scottie likes the taste of every kind of Purinastore’s Beneful product that we have tried so far. They make eight kinds of dry dog food. Beneful Dry Dog Food Original is a kind that comes in three different varieties.

We have tried feeding Scottie Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight when he needed to lose a little weight during the winter months. It is a calorie restricted blend of healthy, high quality ingredients that help support or maintain a healthy weight.

The other food from that we are always recommending to other pet owners is Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life. We noticed this one in our pet store just recently. It has a few ingredients in it that give your dog an extra dose of protein. In this way, it helps support dogs that do more running and playing. We know that Scottie gets a lot more exercise and fresh air during the spring and summer. That dog loves to play.



Charles Botchway reveals the drivers for Madison Street Capital’s success.

Investment Company

Madison Street Capital is an international banking firm which is committed to leadership, excellence, integrity and service to help its clients on mergers and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services to both private and public held businesses. Madison Capital believes these are the value that has led to the growth of the company so far. Whenever Madison Capital undertakes a new project, the goals of the clients become theirs to ensure the clients meets the goal.


Madison Capital views the emerging markets as the driver of growth for their customers and has invested enormous assets in these markets. For these reasons, Madison Capital has earned trust from clients around the world for their dedication to professional standards. Madison Capital primary focus is to partner with the middle-market firms to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome. To achieve these objectives, the company has experienced financial professionals whose role is to provide expert advice and guidance from the initial engagement to closing.


Charles Botchway is the Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital, LLC and in charge of managing the overall strategic direction and operations of the company. Before founding Madison Capital, Mr. Batchway was the co-CEO and Vice Chairman of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. He has served in various roles within the corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions sector of investment banking primarily in emerging market transactions, and private middle market. In his recent interview, Botchway insisted that learning is the best way to find new approaches to doing things to solve problems in the society. Botchway believes that the best ideas come from the most random places.


In the interview, Botchway expressed that one strategy that has helped him grow his business has staff that creates a climate of solving client’s needs. According to him, a team needs autonomy to perform. He believes in innovation as the driver of the companies and the economy as a whole.


Madison Street Capital’s staff have exceptional experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships which are the reason it is now the leader in the premier middle market investment banking firms. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of mergers & acquisitions advisory and structuring the financing and capitalization that suits the client’s particular situation. The headquarter situated in Chicago and Illinois and it has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia.


As a leader in investment banking, the company has released a recent report showing the outlook for hedge fund M&A. The report revealed that a total of 42 hedge fund deals were closed in 2015 alone compared to the 32 transactions closed in 2014. The report shows that hedge fund industry assets are at an all-time high and that the highly fragmented industry will continue to see consolidation especially for a partnership that aims to innovate a new product or distribute the product offering.

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Sam Tabar: A Spark for Sparx

Lawyers and Investors

When PMA Investment Advisors began looking for a new member to join its team, there were numerous people under consideration. Above all, the firm found itself in need of a professional who could take the firm in a new direction. To stay ahead of the competition, the firm needed a professional who had a unique combination of education, experience, and communication skills to work with a variety of clients around the world. After speaking with numerous candidates from firms around the world, the firm decided its needs would be best served with Sam Tabar at the helm. Brought on to be the Managing Director as well as its top Capital Strategist, Sam has shown from the beginning he has what it takes to bring Sparx to the top of the financial services industry.

Realizing it would take an influx of investors to the firm’s hedge fund in order to bring Sparx the results it needed, LinkedIn shows that Sam went to work developing global marketing strategies that could be implemented in a short period of time. Consulting with some of the financial world’s most prominent minds, Sam took bits and pieces from a number of successful strategies and combined them into a strategy that would work well in numerous situations. Highly respected for his efforts, Sam has been sought out by Wall Street executives in an effort to tap into his vast financial knowledge.

However, CrunchBase writes that what many firms don’t realize is that Sam is far more than just a person who has an incredible amount of financial knowledge. With his excellent communication skills, Sam can captivate a room filed with high-ranking executives as well as one filled with investors. In fact, one of Sam’s greatest accomplishments came in a situation such as this. With a hedge fund worth more than $2 billion, Sparx had managed to claw its way to the top thanks to its value. However, to achieve even more, Sam took the hedge fund and began applying his proven principles to increase its value. While many doubted this approach, Sam knew it would work. By investing a small fraction of the fund while working closely with its advisors, the fund increased in value from $2 billion up to almost $4 billion, leaving others in the industry in awe. As he continues to showcase his talents, Sam will no doubt lead Sparx in many new and exciting projects in the months ahead.  Now in his position as the COO of FullCycle Fund, Sam Tabar’s career is really taking off.  Of course if you want to see another side of Sam, you have to see what he’s been doing on GoFundMe.  Tabar has taken up the cause of AWI, something he’s truly passionate about.


Real Estate Property

Many big companies are beginning to set their eyes on New York real estate. These companies have realized the better side of investing in this city and are now rushing to get a place in the brokerage industry here. Dave Liniger is among the prominent names that are making entry into New York real estate. His goal in the new York real estate is to step up the local brokerage companies and to expand them across the state. Many small companies have that have been recently founded here in New York have now grown beyond imagination. This might be one of the reasons why investors are now focusing on this city. Most of the investments in real estate target Manhattan and Brooklyn. RE/MAX is making a grand entry and this time round, it is expected to impact the industry in a different way.

Town Residential is among the recently found firms that have been able to strike an impressive growth in the New York real estate. This company was found by Heiberger, who is also the founder of another ten-year-old real estate brokerage firm by name Citi Habitats. City habitats were able to grow in the same way that Town Residential has been able to grow. There are some factors that most of these companies’ leaders tend to associate with the growth that they have achieved. Dave Liniger says that getting the pursued growth comes when a company gets the right management squad and by selling the franchise to the appropriate clients. The right style of leadership that will be able to motivate the team into better performances.

The founder of town residential says that there are ways of selling different classes of the franchise. For instance selling a luxury property would not have to associate with discount selling. Understanding how to go about the different undertakings within the industry is what Heiberger trusts to bring the success to his firms. Other analysts believe that it is the good prices and rates that have attracted many investors into the New York real estate. These prices calculate to high brokerage rates and commissions.